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AS 4084:2023 - Steel storage racking

What do the standards refer to?

AS 4084: 2023 – Steel Storage Racking is specifically referring to “Pallet Racking”; This includes our range of Selective, Double-Deep, Narrow Aisle, Push Back, and High Rise Racking products that utilise beam levels and frames to store pallets.

The Australian Standard excludes Drive-In Racking, Cantilever Racking, Mobile Racking, and Shelving.

While these racking types are excluded, we’ve determined in the interests of a safe storage environment that it’s best to apply these rules to all forms of racking and manufacture all of our products to exceed this standard regardless so you can be sure your SPACERACK storage solution is as safe as possible.

Unsure if your racking meets the standard?

SPACERACK can provide a Safety Audit today to ensure your racking is compliant.

Does your racking need to comply to Australian Standards 4084:2023?

With these questions you can determine your responsibility under the standard

Did you buy your racking before 2023?

If your racking was installed before 2023 the current design standard is not applicable providing the racking remains in its original position, unmodified, and free of damage.
If the racking is modified, relocated, or repaired all works and supplied components must meet the current 2023 standard.
Other brands may require a user to replace entire sections of racking to meet 2023 standards driving costs and compatibility issues within your warehouse, SPACERACK engineered products are designed and manufactured to be interchangeable with backward compatibility across our range allowing simple cost effective repairs and maintenance to your racking structures meeting the 2023 standards.

Was your racking purchased during or after 2023?

Any racking purchased supplied or Installed after 2011 is required to meet the Australian Standards 4084:2023.
SPACERACK can provide an audit to ensure your racking meets the standards.

Is the racking being relocated?

If racking is being relocated it must be installed to meet the Australian Standards 4084:2023. SPACERACK racking is designed to be backwards-compatible so we can easily upgrade your racking to meet the current standards.

Can I make my racking 2023 compliant?

SPACERACK can provide you with the support to identify compliance requirements allowing our customers to meet and exceed 2023 standards with advice relating to structure, rack protection, fixings, and signage to ensure your warehouse is operating to the highest standards.

Unsure if your racking meets the standard?

Can old racking be brought up to meet 2023 Standards?

If you want to have your existing racking comply with the latest standards it’s best to talk directly to the original racking manufacturer.

If your racking was provided by SPACERACK we can generally upgrade the necessary parts of your racking system to bring it up to 2023 standards at minimal cost, thanks to SPACERACK’s clever engineering. SPACERACK racking systems are designed to be almost entirely backwards compatible, allowing us to only replace the minimum necessary components to meet the current standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Australian Standard cover?

This Standard sets out minimum requirements for the design, fabrication and erection tolerances, test methods, operation and maintenance. This Standard applies to adjustable static pallet racking made of cold-formed or hot-rolled steel structural members. It covers racking installed within a building, outside a building, and racking that forms part of the frame of the building.

The standard does not cover drive-in and drive-through racking, cantilever racking, mobile racking or racking made of materials other than steel. (Guidance for the design of drive-in and drive-through racking is available in FEM 10.2.07, and in FEM 10.2.09 for cantilever racking) The above information is attributed to Australian Standard AS 4084-2023: Steel Storage Racking – section 1.1 Scope.

Why is there an Australian Standard?

The Standard was prepared by the Standards Australia Committee on Steel Storage Racking in response to several requests from the Australian racking industry, to improve uniformity of racking performance and enhance public safety.

Does my pallet racking meet the Australian Standard?

It can be difficult to determine whether or not a specific pallet racking installation meets the Australian Standard without having an inspection performed by someone with an in-depth knowledge of the Standard and product. Since the Standard was introduced in 1993, it can generally be said that most pallet racking which pre-dates the Standard does not conform to the Standard. The Standard calls for a minimum 90mm (nominal) wide upright.

Additionally, the Standard refers to the racking as an “installation”. Therefore, even if the rack design conforms to the Standard, the rack as an “installation” may not. Specific factors which may affect the conformance of the racking installation may include (but are not limited to) floor fixings, damage, alignment, plumb of uprights and signage. Recently, Workplace Health and Safety inspectors have been issuing infringement notices for having a lack of load signage and this trend is likely to increase.

Is there a requirement by law to follow the Standard?

In most states of Australia, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Acts require Plant and Equipment (which may include Steel Storage Racking) to meet the Australian Standards.

Safe Working Load & Maintenance Signage

Third party auditors or installers

As the racking manufacturer you can be sure that the information provided is tested and validated here in Australia. If someone other than the manufacturer (such as third-party auditors or installers) provides you a ‘Safe Working Load’ or ‘carrying capacity’ sign, it may not be accurate information and does not meet the standard.

To ensure the safety of your warehouse operations talk to the manufacturer of your racking for an Audit and get your Safe Working Load information directly from the manufacturer.

Ensure your warehouse is AS4084: 2023 compliant! Give us a call today.

Organise a Safety Audit

Ensure your racking meets AS4084:2023 Standards

Pallet Racking usually sits in a busy and potentially hazardous environment. You have many safety responsibilities under the AS4084:2023 Australian Standard. Regular scheduled inspections are required to make sure your pallet racking is safe and conforms to standards and local OH & S requirements.

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