Racking Safety

SPACERACK’s commitment to Health & Safety in the workplace is to ensure a safer working environment for staff and extends to providing pallet racking protection devices to prevent damage to racking caused by products or forklifts.

Single end barrier protecting a pallet racking frame.

SPACERACK Racking Protection Equipment

In any workplace, safety should always be a top priority.

This is especially true for warehouses and storage facilities where heavy equipment, heavy loads, and high levels can pose significant risks to workers and the products being stored. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in proper racking protection and pallet racking safety measures.

Pallet racking protection devices play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of warehouse racking systems. These devices can prevent accidents caused by forklifts or other heavy machinery, as well as protect the racking from damage caused by heavy loads or collisions. Without adequate protection, the pallet racking systems can suffer damage, which can result in structural failure, product damage, and potentially serious accidents.

By investing in high-quality pallet racking protection devices, businesses can help protect their employees, products, and equipment. In the long run, this can save businesses money on costly repairs and prevent costly downtime due to accidents or equipment failures.

In Australia, workplaces are subject to strict safety regulations, and it is the responsibility of employers to ensure that they provide a safe working environment for their employees. Failure to meet these safety standards can result in fines, legal action, and damage to a business’s reputation. Therefore, investing in the right pallet racking protection devices can not only keep employees safe but also help businesses comply with regulations and protect their bottom line.

SPACERACK’s rack protection product range includes: Post protectors, post deflection structures, single and double end barriers, column guards, barrier beams, and high visibility signs. SPACERACK designs and manufactures many kinds of racking protection devices, so if you have a specific request, get in contact today.

Post Protectors

Post Protector

Post Protectors are an essential pallet racking protection device that helps safeguard the upright columns of a racking system from damage caused by minor impacts. They are designed to be installed at the base of the upright columns and act as a barrier against collisions with forklifts, pallet jacks, and other heavy equipment.

Corner Post Protector

Corner Post Protectors are a type of pallet racking protection device designed to protect the corners of a racking system. They are installed at the end of a racking run and act as a barrier against collisions with forklifts, pallet jacks, and other heavy equipment that may come into contact with the racking.

Wrap-Around Post Protector

Wrap-Around Post Protectors are a specialised type of pallet racking protection device that provides additional protection to the racking system by hugging the face and sides of a racking post.


Bollards are a type of pallet racking protection device that are designed to provide additional protection to the racking system by acting as a barrier against collisions with heavy equipment. They are installed at the end of a racking run or in high-traffic areas where there is a greater risk of impact.


Single Frame Barrier

Single Frame Barriers are a type of end barrier that is specifically designed to protect the end of a single-deep run of racking from impacts. Single Frame Barriers are an effective solution for businesses looking to protect the end of their single-deep racking runs from damage caused by collisions with heavy equipment.

Double Frame Barrier

Double Frame Barriers are a type of end barrier that is designed to protect the end of a run of racking that is two frames deep from impacts. Double Frame Barriers are an effective solution for businesses looking to protect the end of their double-deep racking runs from damage caused by collisions with heavy equipment.

Drive-In Pallet Racking Floor Guide

Drive-In Pallet Racking Floor Guides are an essential component for use with Drive-In Pallet Racking systems. The Drive-In Pallet Racking Floor Guides help to guide the forklift into the correct position for pallet placement and retrieval, ensuring that the pallet is positioned safely and securely within the racking system.

Safety Barrier Beams

SPACERACK Safety Barrier Beams are an important component of pallet racking safety designed to provide added protection to stored pallets. The purpose of Safety Barrier Beams is to prevent pallets from falling out of the racking system and to minimise the risk of damage to the surrounding area and the pallets themselves.

Mesh Doors

Mesh Doors are designed to create a secure area with a lock, making them ideal for storing potentially hazardous materials or restricting access to valuable items. They provide a reliable and durable solution for enhancing the security of your storage space.


AS4084-2023 Safe Working Load

Safe working load sign for Pallet Racking.

Conforms to AS 4084.2:2023

Maintenance Of Racking Structures

Safety sign listing instructions to maintain racking structures.

Conforms to AS 4084.2:2023

AS4084-2023 Safe Working Load (Multi-Level)

Safe working load sign for Pallet Racking with multiple levels.

Conforms to AS 4084.2:2023

Longspan Shelving Safe Working Load

Safe working load sign for Longspan Shelving.

Cantilever Safe Working Load

Safe working load sign for Cantilever Racking.

Drive-In Racking Safe Working Load

Safe working load sign for Drive-In Pallet Racking.

Raised Storage Area Safe Working Load

Safe working load sign for Raised Storage Areas.

The Advantages Of Powder Coating

Powder coating offers superior durability and finish compared to lower quality wet painting methods. One key advantage is its exceptional resistance to chipping, scratching, and fading. The powder coating process involves applying a dry powder to the surface, which is then cured under heat to form a tough and protective layer. This robust coating is highly resistant to impact and abrasion, making it ideal for various applications. In Australia’s harsh climate, where intense UV radiation and extreme weather conditions are common, powder coating’s durability is particularly advantageous.

Additionally, powder coating provides a flawless and consistent finish. The powder particles adhere uniformly to the surface, creating a smooth and even coating without drips, runs, or brush marks. This results in a visually appealing, high-quality finish that can enhance the appearance of products and provide a professional look. Whether it’s a glossy, matte, or textured finish, powder coating offers a wide range of options to suit different aesthetic preferences.

SPACERACK Finishings

Standard Colours

Hot Dipped
Bright White
White Vienna

Non-Standard Colours

Blaze Blue
Safety Yellow


Every warehouse, distribution business, storage facility and commercial premise has its own unique racking requirements and the SPACERACK team take the time to understand your operation to create a tailored system that best meets your individual requirements.

The principal behind all racking systems is to maximise the use of cubic capacity within a storage area, taking into account height limitations of the building, lifting equipment, type and size of pallets or packaging, type of product being stored, inventory control, weights involved, workflow, speed of operation and many other aspects, which create the difference between an efficient and economical operation or a costly drain on profits.

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SPACERACK can design storage solutions to meet your space requirements, including pallet racking types (e.g. Selective, Narrow Aisles, Drive-In) to suit your warehouse, Raised Storage Areas to add space to your warehouse, Cantilever Racking (light, medium, heavy or structural) to suit your load requirements, and other racking and industrial storage related products.

SPACERACK’s in-house designers grants us the flexibility to design and build the perfect storage solution tailored to your unique storage requirements. Call us on 1800 814 134 or fill out this form and we will be in contact with you ASAP.

SPACERACK Lifetime Guarantee

We are confident in our product so you can be too

At SPACERACK, we prioritise safety and quality above all else. Our unique racking design ensures a strong and sturdy structure for any application, and we use only the highest-quality Australian materials. Our beams are made from high-grade rectangular hollow section (RHS) tube, providing absolute structural integrity in every racking system. Additionally, our high-tensile steel posts are made from pre-galvanised steel, ensuring a rust-free product for long-lasting durability.

We’re so confident in our products we offer the SPACERACK Lifetime Guarantee for any product we manufacture.

The SPACERACK Difference

Looking through the keyhole

Superior Design

SPACERACK's innovative keyhole design is a hallmark of our brand, enabling seamless cross-compatibility between all our previous product designs. This design feature provides you with the flexibility to augment your existing storage layout without having to start from scratch. This unique advantage is a testament to our commitment to providing scalable and adaptable storage solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Exceeding Australian Standards

At SPACERACK, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, and our products are no exception. Our products not only meet but exceed the rigorous quality and safety requirements set by Australian Standards AS4084 to deliver unparalleled performance and durability.

100% Australian Owned & Made

At SPACERACK, we're proud to be an Australian owned and operated company, manufacturing all of our products locally in Brisbane, Queensland. One of the key advantages of choosing SPACERACK is our commitment to sustainability, with eco-friendly manufacturing processes and materials that help reduce our carbon footprint. SPACERACK products can be found in multiple locations across Australia, including Brisbane, Cairns, Mackay, Sydney, and Melbourne. As an Australian business, we take pride in supporting our local economy while delivering exceptional products that meet the unique storage requirements of our customers.