Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking is designed to increase storage capacity and maintain a high degree of selectivity, by storing pallets two deep single-sided, and / or four deep on double-sided racks.


SPACERACK Double Deep Pallet Racking

SPACERACK’s double deep pallet racking is an efficient storage solution designed to increase storage density and optimise warehouse space.

Made in Australia from high tensile steel, our double deep pallet racking is built to withstand heavy loads and ensure long-term durability and reliability. Our pallet racking is designed and manufactured to meet the Australian Standards and comply with strict safety regulations.

Our double deep pallet racking system is designed to store two pallets deep, which reduces the number of aisles required and increases storage density. The system operates on a Last In, First Out (LIFO) basis, which means that the first pallet stored in the system is the last to be removed, making it an ideal solution for businesses that store large quantities of the same product. The system offers versatile storage options, with adjustable beam heights and modular design that can be customised to fit your specific requirements. The system is compatible with a range of pallet sizes and weights, making it a flexible solution for businesses with different storage needs.

Compared to selective pallet racking, double deep pallet racking offers higher storage density, allowing businesses to store more product in the same amount of space. This is because the system stores two pallets deep, reducing the number of aisles required. Additionally, the LIFO system allows for efficient use of space as it enables the system to be filled from the back to the front, ensuring that the oldest stock is always at the front and readily available for dispatch.

At SPACERACK, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our double deep pallet racking is made from high-quality steel with a low carbon footprint, ensuring that our products have a minimal impact on the environment. By choosing SPACERACK’s double deep pallet racking, you can be confident that you are not only investing in a premium storage solution but also supporting local Australian manufacturing and reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and design a custom solution that maximises your warehouse space and optimises your workflow. Whether you need additional levels, extra-wide bays, or specific weight capacity, our double deep pallet racking system can be customised to suit your business’s requirements. At SPACERACK, we pride ourselves on providing tailor-made solutions that meet our customer’s unique needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity in your warehouse or distribution centre.

Double Deep Pallet Racking at a glance…

  • Cost effective solution with high customisability
  • Last In, First Out (LIFO) system ideal for storing longer shelf life product.
  • Reduced space needed for aisles whilst keeping same number of stored pallets.
  • Greatly increased storage density compared to standard pallet racking systems.
  • 50% immediate accessibility with reasonable stock rotation


SPACERACK Standard Stocked Sizes

SPACERACK offers the flexibility to design and manufacture custom-sized solutions, tailored to meet specific requirements. The following specifications represent the standard options available, which have been carefully developed to suit a wide range of applications.

Frame Heights 1829mm – 12,040mm
Frame Depth 610mm, 845mm, 1060mm or 1220mm
Frame Gauge 1.6mm, 1.9mm, or 2.4mm
🇦🇺 High Tensile Australian Pre-Gal Steel
Beam Length 915mm – 6000mm
Beam Profiles
  • 50x50mm SHS
  • 75x50mm RHS
  • 100x50mm RHS
  • 127x51mm RHS
  • 150x50mm RHS

🇦🇺 Australian Steel

Beam Thickness 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm or 5.0mm

Need Something More Customised?

SPACERACK’s in-house designers grants us the flexibility to design and build the perfect storage solution tailored to your unique storage requirements. Call us on 1800 814 134 or fill out this form and we will be in contact with you ASAP.

SPACERACK Finishings

Standard Colours

Hot Dipped
Bright White
White Vienna

Non-Standard Colours

Blaze Blue
Safety Yellow

The Benefits of Double Deep Pallet Racking

If you’re not sure which racking system is best suited for your needs, we can help – Give SPACERACK a call on 1800 814 123 and our racking system specialists can provide you a free warehouse storage design and quote.

There are several benefits to choosing a Double Deep Pallet Racking system for your warehouse storage needs including:

Cost Effective

Due to being highly repeatable and sharing common components with other SPACERACK racking systems, Double Deep Pallet Racking is a cost effective system with high space utilisation in fewer aisles. It can also help businesses save money by reducing the need for additional warehouse space.

Increased Safety

SPACERACK Double Deep Pallet Racking includes pallet storage guide rails; these are lengths of steel that run front-to-back to guide forklift drivers as they store pallets and ease the retrieval of stored pallets whilst reducing the risk of frame damage. In addition to improving space utilisation, reducing aisle widths can also improve warehouse safety by reducing the risk of collisions between forklifts and other warehouse equipment. With less space dedicated to aisles, forklifts can move more easily through the warehouse, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Increased Storage Density

Double Deep Pallet Racking is designed to increase storage density by allowing pallets to be stored two deep, one behind the other. This means that two pallets can be stored in the same space that would normally only accommodate one pallet in a standard pallet racking system. By increasing storage density, businesses can store more goods in the same amount of space, which can result in significant cost savings. Double deep pallet racking can also help businesses avoid the expense of moving to a larger warehouse or expanding their existing facility.

Improved Space Utilisation

Double Deep Pallet Racking is an ideal solution for businesses that need to optimise their warehouse space by maximising the use of available storage areas. By storing pallets two deep, double deep pallet racking can help businesses reduce aisle widths, which can increase the number of pallet positions and improve space utilisation. In a standard pallet racking system, aisle widths typically range from 8 to 12 feet wide, which means that a significant amount of floor space is dedicated to aisles. By contrast, double deep pallet racking can reduce aisle widths to between 6 and 8 feet, which can increase the amount of space available for storage.

Reduced Handling Time

Double Deep Pallet Racking can help businesses reduce handling time and costs by optimising the use of available storage space. By storing pallets two deep, businesses can reduce the number of aisles required for storage, which can lead to faster retrieval times and lower handling costs. With fewer aisles to navigate, forklift operators can access pallets more quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and labor required to move goods in and out of the warehouse. This can lead to increased productivity and throughput, which can help businesses meet customer demands and increase profitability.

Need Something More Customised?

Let SPACERACK find the best solution for you

SPACERACK can design storage solutions to meet your space requirements, including pallet racking types (e.g. Selective, Narrow Aisles, Drive-In) to suit your warehouse, Raised Storage Areas to add space to your warehouse, Cantilever Racking (light, medium, heavy or structural) to suit your load requirements, and other racking and industrial storage related products.

SPACERACK’s in-house designers grants us the flexibility to design and build the perfect storage solution tailored to your unique storage requirements. Call us on 1800 814 134 or fill out this form and we will be in contact with you ASAP.

SPACERACK Lifetime Guarantee

We are confident in our product so you can be too

At SPACERACK, we prioritise safety and quality above all else. Our unique racking design ensures a strong and sturdy structure for any application, and we use only the highest-quality Australian materials. Our beams are made from high-grade rectangular hollow section (RHS) tube, providing absolute structural integrity in every racking system. Additionally, our high-tensile steel posts are made from pre-galvanised steel, ensuring a rust-free product for long-lasting durability.

We’re so confident in our products we offer the SPACERACK Lifetime Guarantee for any product we manufacture.

The SPACERACK Difference

Looking through the keyhole

Superior Design

SPACERACK's innovative keyhole design is a hallmark of our brand, enabling seamless cross-compatibility between all our previous product designs. This design feature provides you with the flexibility to augment your existing storage layout without having to start from scratch. This unique advantage is a testament to our commitment to providing scalable and adaptable storage solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Exceeding Australian Standards

At SPACERACK, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, and our products are no exception. Our products not only meet but exceed the rigorous quality and safety requirements set by Australian Standards AS4084 to deliver unparalleled performance and durability.

100% Australian Owned & Made

At SPACERACK, we're proud to be an Australian owned and operated company, manufacturing all of our products locally in Brisbane, Queensland. One of the key advantages of choosing SPACERACK is our commitment to sustainability, with eco-friendly manufacturing processes and materials that help reduce our carbon footprint. SPACERACK products can be found in multiple locations across Australia, including Brisbane, Cairns, Mackay, Sydney, and Melbourne. As an Australian business, we take pride in supporting our local economy while delivering exceptional products that meet the unique storage requirements of our customers.

SPACERACK Racking Protection Equipment

Pallet racking protection devices play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of warehouse racking systems. These devices can prevent accidents caused by forklifts or other heavy machinery, as well as protect the racking from damage caused by heavy loads or collisions. Without adequate protection, the pallet racking systems can suffer damage, which can result in structural failure, product damage, and potentially serious accidents.

By investing in high-quality pallet racking protection devices, businesses can help protect their employees, products, and equipment. In the long run, this can save businesses money on costly repairs and prevent costly downtime due to accidents or equipment failures.

Post Protectors

Post Protector

Post Protectors are an essential pallet racking protection device that helps safeguard the upright columns of a racking system from damage caused by minor impacts.

Corner Post Protector

Corner Post Protectors are a type of pallet racking protection device designed to protect the corners of a racking system.

Wrap-Around Post Protector

Wrap-Around Post Protectors provide additional protection to the racking system by hugging the face and sides of a racking post.


Bollards are a type of pallet racking protection device that are designed to provide additional protection to the racking system by acting as a barrier against collisions with heavy equipment.


Single Frame Barrier

Single Frame Barriers are a type of end barrier that is specifically designed to protect the end of a single-deep run of racking from impacts.

Double Frame Barrier

Double Frame Barriers are a type of end barrier that is designed to protect the end of a run of racking that is two frames deep from impacts.

Drive-In Pallet Racking Floor Guide

The Drive-In Pallet Racking Floor Guides help to guide the forklift into the correct position for pallet placement and retrieval.

Safety Barrier Beams

SPACERACK Safety Barrier Beams are an important component of pallet racking safety designed to provide added protection to stored pallets.

Common Double Deep Pallet Racking Applications

SPACERACK Double Deep Pallet Racking is a highly versatile racking system that can be customised to suit a wide range of products and use cases including:

  • Transport
  • Couriers
  • Freight
  • Cold Room
  • Food storage