SPACERACK Lifetime Guarantee

We're confident in our products so you can be too

By designing and manufacturing in Australia, with only Australian steel, SPACERACK provides our customers with highly durable, reliable, and long-lasting racking equipment. We’re so confident in the quality and reliability of our manufactured goods that we provide the SPACERACK Lifetime Warranty as standard and a 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty on SPACERACK Supplied goods.

The SPACERACK Lifetime Warranty covers your SPACERACK manufactured goods for a period of 10 years after the date of supply, providing installation was completed by a recognised SPACERACK Installer and has been used safely and in line with industry standard AS4084-2012. SPACERACK reserves the right to inspect the equipment and determining the validity of the warranty claim is at SPACERACK’s discretion. SPACERACK Supplied goods come with a 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty, replacing the defective or faulty goods, with the same caveats listed below.

If you have an issue with your SPACERACK equipment contact us on 1800 814 134 or email

Any warranty provided is void if:

  • Yearly racking inspections have not been completed.
  • The goods have not been properly maintained.
  • Installation of the goods has not been carried out by persons recognized by us as being trained to install the goods.
  • The goods continue to be used after any fault or defect would reasonably have become known to you.
  • The defect or fault occurred from reasonably expected wear and tear, an accident, or act of God.
  • Maintenance or alteration is made to the goods without SPACERACK’s knowledge or consent.

The SPACERACK Warranties are provided in addition to your consumer guarantees and cannot exclude them under Australian Consumer Law