Raised Storage Areas

CAD Drawing Raised Storage Area
Raised Storage Area with stairsRaised Storage Area with stairs

Raised storage areas, also known as mezzanine floors, are cost effective solutions that can double the useable floor area in your factory or distribution centre.

Many variations of single or multi-tier principles are available to add floor space and storage area to a warehouse, store or workshop.

Freestanding levels of racking or shelving can be combined with open deck areas to create a superstructure that becomes an economical way to extend your work or storage areas. Cantilever racking, pigeon hole shelving, or even standard pallet racking, can fill the space underneath.

A Raised Storage Area / Mezzanine Floor is also an efficient and logical method to provide additional storage area out of an unused space.

The additional floor space created can be used for applications such as general storage, light assembly work, and offices, while still allowing full use of the area underneath.

Spacerack can also help you choose the right stairs to access mezzanine floors and raised storage areas.


About Raised Storage Platform and Mezzanine Floors


Mezzanine Floor Systems and Raised Storage Platforms / Areas are installed within buildings or warehouses, built between two permanent original floors. The structure is usually free standing and can be easily dismantled; then relocated and rebuilt, or even sold.

Spacerack’s industrial and warehouse style mezzanine structures are generally constructed of racking (roll-formed columns, made into frames, connected with beams) with a decking or flooring made of mesh or ply. Customer requirements for mezzanine decking are easily catered to.

A mezzanine floor is often erected for the storage of tools or materials, or to make space for an office overlooking a warehouse.

Mezzanine floors are used in warehousing, distribution and manufacturing, because they create more space and are practical.