Pipe Storage

To compliment onsite free-standing pipe stands and pipe supports, pipe suppliers require pipe racking to store heavy pipes, including:

  • Steel Pipes,
  • PVC Pipes,
  • Other; Line Pipes, Seamless and Welded Pipes:

Spacerack has several Pipe Storage Solutions

Horizontal Pipe Storage - use Cantilever Pipe Racking


Cantilever can take heavy loads and is available as light duty, medium duty, heavy duty and structural.

A cantilever rack is ideal for heavy duty pipe storage.

Vertical Pipe Storage – use an A-Frame Pipe Rack


Pipe pieces can be taller than the rack, so for example PVC and light piping can be slotted into an A-Frame Pipe Rack.

These pipe racks are also good in retail environments as well as the warehouse, and can be arranged in aisles.

Spacerack can also implement an angled bottom shelf.

An A-frame pipe rack is good for light to medium duty pipe storage.

Spacerack is based in Brisbane, Queensland, and can arrange transport of pipe storage racks to most locations in Australia.

Pipe and Tube Storage, Horizontal and Vertical Racks, Brisbane, Australia