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Spacerack ® makes solid racking, shelving, workbenches and much more, to fit your space.

What sets Spacerack's Retail, Commercial and Home products apart is that they are built to be practical, utilise space, and last: Spacerack manufactures its own racking; beams, frames, including racking accessories.

Shelving and racking that can safely hold heavy loads are required not just in warehouses but also in retail premises as supermarket shelving, commercial offices as archive shelving, and in the home; wall to wall garage shelving, workshop workbenches and light duty cantilever racking for the DIY handyman.

Not all premises are the same, and neither are their respective products and processes.

Longspan racking units arranged in aisles as supermarket shelving and for storing consumer products are different from the Longspan racking used for archiving or storing objects like spare car parts, liquids and anything that is heavy and has specific dimensions.

If you need a solid storage solution, then call Spacerack.