Push Back Rack

Push Back Rack Illustration

Push Back rack is a combination of drive-in rack and pallet flow, providing storage in lanes 2, 3 or 4 pallets deep.

Pallets sit on carriages that move on heavy duty wheels. As the pallets do not come in contact with the rolling hardware, there is no opportunity for damage to occur.

Push back pallet rack utilise available space by depth rather than width; increased depth reduces aisle space and therefore increases storage density.

Stocked Frames

Depth Heights
845mm 1829mm 3048mm 3658mm 4267mm 6096mm
1050mm 1829mm 3048mm 3658mm 4267mm 6096mm
1200mm 1829mm 3048mm 3658mm 4267mm 6096mm
1500mm 1829mm 3048mm 3658mm 4267mm 6096mm

Note: Frame Height can be specified to individual application, with heights available up to 12 metres.

Frame Depth

From 845mm (Australian Standard Pallet) out to 1500mm

RHS Beams (Rectangular Hollow Section) / Box Beams

Length Beam Safe Working Load*
1380mm 1,327kg – 12,086kg
2600mm 362kg – 14,195kg
2750mm 321kg – 12,677kg
3060mm 1,712kg – 5,406kg
3360mm 1,412kg – 4,913kg
3670mm 1,176kg – 6,006kg
3970mm 997kg – 5,875kg

* Beam profile sizes vary according to weight requirements.

Note: Beam profile and lengths can be made to customer specifications.