Drive In Racking

Drive in Racking - New Installion
Drive in Racking - CAD DrawingDrive in Racking - CAD Drawing

Drive In Racking is the ideal storage solution for bulk storage of palletised loads and can provide up to 70% more storage capacity within the same available floor space.

This is perhaps the most popular system of storing pallets where there is a limited number of product lines involved and a high volume of pallets in each line.

Drive In and Drive Through are different:

Drive In has a common forklift entry and exit at only one end, while Drive Through has entries at both ends.

Because a Drive In Racking System has one entrance it can be called Last In, First Out (LIFO) Racking. As there is one entrance, the last pallet stored in the bay is the first to be taken out.

With a Drive Through Racking System using two entry points, it’s called First In, First Out (FIFO) Racking. Using a FIFO system, pallets that are loaded in are pushed to the opposite end --The first pallet loaded in a row is the first to be unloaded at the other end.

The Drive Through first in and first out system is idea for palletised products with an expiry date or shelf life.

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Stocked Frames

Depth Heights
845mm 1829mm 3048mm 3658mm 4267mm 6096mm
1050mm 1829mm 3048mm 3658mm 4267mm 6096mm
1200mm 1829mm 3048mm 3658mm 4267mm 6096mm
1500mm 1829mm 3048mm 3658mm 4267mm 6096mm

Note: Frame Height can be specified to individual application, with heights available up to 12 metres.

Frame Depth

From 845mm (Australian Standard Pallet) out to 1500mm

RHS Beams (Rectangular Hollow Section) / Box Beams

Length Beam Safe Working Load*
1380mm 1,327kg – 12,086kg
2600mm 362kg – 14,195kg
2750mm 321kg – 12,677kg
3060mm 1,712kg – 5,406kg
3360mm 1,412kg – 4,913kg
3670mm 1,176kg – 6,006kg
3970mm 997kg – 5,875kg

* Beam profile sizes vary according to weight requirements.

Note: Beam profile and lengths can be made to customer specifications.