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Pallet Racking Beams
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Pallet Racking Posts
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Pallet Racking Frames


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Racking Components
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Racking Accessories
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The sum of the parts makes the whole - racking is no different.

Spacerack ® makes and stock various racking beams, posts, frames, parts, components and accessories.

Customise your racking and storage areas with the help of Spacerack: Practical ideas to maximise the use of your space will save you time and money.

Retail, Commercial and Home

pacerack Longspan SpaceShelf 50-50
Longspan Shelving
Single Racking and Shelving Unit
Custom Heavy Duty Shelving Units
Solid Steel Workbenches
Custom Workbenches


Spacerack ® makes solid racking, shelving, workbenches and much more, to fit your space.

What sets Spacerack's Retail, Commercial and Home products apart is that they are built to be practical, utilise space, and last: Spacerack manufactures its own racking; beams, frames, including racking accessories.

Shelving and racking that can safely hold heavy loads are required not just in warehouses but also in retail premises as supermarket shelving, commercial offices as archive shelving, and in the home; wall to wall garage shelving, workshop workbenches and light duty cantilever racking for the DIY handyman.

Not all premises are the same, and neither are their respective products and processes.

Longspan racking units arranged in aisles as supermarket shelving and for storing consumer products are different from the Longspan racking used for archiving or storing objects like spare car parts, liquids and anything that is heavy and has specific dimensions.

If you need a solid storage solution, then call Spacerack.

Customised Racking

A-Frame Racking
Cable Racking
Cable and Coil Racking
Timber / Carpet Rack
Pigeon Hole
Archive Racking
Archive Racking /
Archive Shelving
Tyre Racking
Tyre and Wheel Racking

Racking Accessories



Spacerack ® has over 25 years experience creating unique racking and heavy duty shelving.

Finding a storage solution to match the unique dimensions and weight of many products is easy thanks to the creative application of Spacerack racking and shelving.

Our storage solutions can be modified to suit different products.

For example:

Timber Racking and Pipe Racking:

  • For vertical storage use an A-Frame Rack (with or without slopped foot shelf),
  • For horizontal storage, Pigeon Hole Shelves (for light and / or long timber, long pipes) and Cantilever Racks (for light to very heavy, plus offering easier access, e.g. when requiring a forklift).

Glass Racking:

  • Specialised A-Frames, or Cantilever Racking for compact sheets of glass.

Drum Rack:

  • For Drum Storage, pallet racking equipped with Drum Holders / Barrel Chocks. Note, the contents of the drums (e.g. liquid type) also determine the drum storage solution required.

Heavy (and light duty) storage systems can be customised to suit your products’ width and height, within your warehouse capacity, to maximise available space.

While no two product ranges are that similar, solutions for single product ranges in different warehouses will use similar strategies.

Spacerack offers a consultancy service to offer storage expertise to meet your needs.

For a customised specialised racking solution, get in contact with Spacerack.

Work, Office, Home and Garage


Spacerack's Work, Office and Home storage products include longspan shelving workbenches, and custom shelving and racking units.
Spacerack has solid and sturdy workbenches that are 100% Australian Made to cater for heavy loads. If you need a real workbench that can take a heavy load then look at our Home Workbench Special…

Industrial & Warehouse Racking

Selective Racking
Selective Racking
Drive in Rack
Drive in Rack
Raised Storage Area
Raised Storage Area
High Rise Selective Pallet Racking
High Rise Selective Racking
Carpet and Fabric Racking
Carpet and Fabric Racking
Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking
Very Narrow Aisle

High Rise Pallet Racking
High Rise Pallet Racking
Double Deep Selective
Double Deep
Push Back Rack
Push Back Rack


Spacerack ® has over 25 years experience creating industrial, commercial, and distribution hub storage solutions using racking systems and pallet racking.

Every warehouse, distribution business, storage facility and commercial premise has its own unique racking requirements and the Spacerack team take the time to understand your operation to create a tailored system that best meets your individual requirements.

The principal behind all racking systems is to maximise the use of cubic capacity within a storage area, taking into account height limitations of the building, lifting equipment, type and size of pallets or packaging, type of product being stored, inventory control, weights involved, workflow, speed of operation and many other aspects, which create the difference between an efficient and economical operation or a costly drain on profits.

Listed are some of the most common types of warehouse pallet racking available:

Spacerack also designs, manufactures and stocks:

 For a customised solution, get in contact with Spacerack.

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