A-Frame Racking

A-Frame Racking Double-Sided
A-Frame Timber RackA-Frame Timber Rack
A-Frame Slopped ShelfA-Frame Slopped Shelf
CAD Drawing A-Frame RackingCAD Drawing A-Frame Racking

A-Frame racking is free-standing and available as single-sided or double-sided.

An A-Frame rack is suitable for storing long lengths of product for:

  • Display
  • Accesibility, and
  • Saving space: Vertical storage equals less floorspace footprint.

A-Frames are ideal for storing:

  • Timber
  • Glass
  • Pipes, and
  • Extrusions, like aluminium and plastic

A-Frame Shipping: Unassembled A-frames are shipped flat-packed.

Spacerack’s Brisbane facility can design and manufacture A-Frame racks to your specification.