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Spacerack ® has over 25 years experience creating unique racking and heavy duty shelving.

Finding a storage solution to match the unique dimensions and weight of many products is easy thanks to the creative application of Spacerack racking and shelving.

Our storage solutions can be modified to suit different products.

For example:

Timber Racking and Pipe Racking:

  • For vertical storage use an A-Frame Rack (with or without slopped foot shelf),
  • For horizontal storage, Pigeon Hole Shelves (for light and / or long timber, long pipes) and Cantilever Racks (for light to very heavy, plus offering easier access, e.g. when requiring a forklift).

Glass Racking:

  • Specialised A-Frames, or Cantilever Racking for compact sheets of glass.

Drum Rack:

  • For Drum Storage, pallet racking equipped with Drum Holders / Barrel Chocks. Note, the contents of the drums (e.g. liquid type) also determine the drum storage solution required.

Heavy (and light duty) storage systems can be customised to suit your products’ width and height, within your warehouse capacity, to maximise available space.

While no two product ranges are that similar, solutions for single product ranges in different warehouses will use similar strategies.

Spacerack offers a consultancy service to offer storage expertise to meet your needs.

For a customised specialised racking solution, get in contact with Spacerack.