Client & Case Studies

Spacerack ® is one of Australia’s leading manufactures of racking and has met the requirements of many big name clients with very large and extensive storage requirements.

Coca-Cola Case Study

Woolworths Case Study

Crazy Clark's Racking Gallery

Why Customers Choose Spacerack ®

Spaceracks’s Australian made beams and frames are made to last.

By sourcing Australian steel and using our own in-house roller, we can confidently say that our racking is built to last. Due to the nature of pallet racking and the strain that individual beams and frames are put under (e.g. holding heavy loads and sustaining impacts from forklifts), customers can be sure that their investment in Spacerack racking pays off because the racking will withstand far more stain than what cheaper and inferior racking can – that’s one of the reasons customers keep coming back to Spacerack.

Satisfied Customers

 "We are very happy with Spacerack - we got a competitive, state of the art product... Not only do we win awards for quality, but we recognise quality, too."
- Andrew Stadulka, CEO, Decoin Pty Ltd

"We're very pleased with SPACERACK's service. They proved highly reliable and everything flowed just as easily as they said it would. Their solution was totally workable."
- Jim Starkey, Manager, Price Attack Pty Ltd

"It's the best racking system we've had. The whole thing went well, with no trouble... SPACERACK were very helpful and we've had a great response to their work."
- Robin Beanman, Operations Manager, Dryen Pty Ltd